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Music Rights

The lyrics are original with myself. They change often. I am open to collaboration with an interested artist.

The music to the five songs was composed by Worth Wagers and they are registered with BMI.  They can be heard in demo form here: Songs for the Feature Film Redbone.

A collaboration with a singer-songwriter would be wonderful. Redbone is a story about revenge and the power of music. 

​​NEWS REDBONE- Winner Best Script - 2017 London International Filmmaker Festival

Script Read

Redbone the Feature Film and Redbone the TV Pilot are available for reading. Here is a link to Redbone the Feature Film.

Backroads TV Series Pilot: Redbone

Redbone is a living script and all feedback is welcome. Redbone is registered with WGA West.       #WGA #1825885   



      Feature Film Script


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