Sometimes the day surprises
Sometimes your heart wakes up
Sometimes you see her laughing
As you drink from a broken cup

Daybreak calls me to her
Like a moth to a dying flame
Her hair slides through my fingers
As the night plays a waiting game

Daybreak has the power
To open my broken heart
Flood life back into sadness
Turn my heart away from hurt.

We will roll in the joy of Daybreak
Ride the sweet warmth of our song
Open up our laughing hearts
So tomorrow never comes

Sometimes I hear her laughing
Sometimes I see her cry
Sometimes my heart spins wildly
Like my love will never die

We found our time together

Spun gold out of yesterday

We reached our Daybreak dream

And we damn sure want to stay

The Dance Man
We yearned to stretch the moment
Let the music ride our cloud 
Lost souls around the sweet fire
While the Dance Man eyed the crowd

He laughed at all us dreamers
Kept the magic to himself
While we looked in all the corners
For lost pieces of ourselves

Chase the White Earth carnival, my friend
Chase the past with a merry dance
Somewhere in the wide out yonder
There's a life of deep romance

The Dance Man knows the story
Of lost love with no regret
He wrote the book on loneliness
No sense trying to forget

I see the Dance Man darkly
Through the smoke and misty dreams
Lost souls around the sweet fire
Ripe fruit for deadly schemes 

Someday we’ll all return
To the fire we can’t forget
And the Dance Man will remind us
Only fools can feel regret

Chase the White Earth carnival, my friend
Chase the past with a merry dance
Somewhere in the wide out yonder
There's a life of deep romance

Burn the Dance Man in the sweet fire
Watch his grin slide through the smoke
Is that your face in the ashes?
Soft lines along your throat

Chase the White Earth carnival, my friend
Chase the past with a merry dance
Somewhere in the wide out yonder
Lives a life of deep romance
Lives a life of deep romance

     Stone Winds 
It’s a quick ride over
From the Res to the Stone Hotel
Lots of angry brothers
Riding the wind that blows through hell

It bleeds my soul
It’s a beast I can’t ignore
Memory eats my heart 
And music is my whore  

I see the broken lives
Eyes that stare and do not see
Forgotten dreams and egos
Tough guys longing to be free

Music rides the dark wind
Casts a Redbone brother’s spell
While The Man just laughs 
Riding the wind that blows through hell

Pipe dreams gone
Screaming in my cell
A half-breed’s future
Riding the wind that blows through hell

I’ll check out soon. 
From the cold, damp Stone Hotel
Is there life for a dead man
Riding the wind that blows through hell

Worth Wagers

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Worth Wagers has been writing and performing Americana music for the past 20 years. Kentucky born and raised, he has shared stages with Wilco, Robbie Fulks, Lambchop, The Handsome Family and many other Americana legends. His smoky baritone brings Country Soul to all his music. 


 Americana Music

​​There exists in America a dedicated group of itinerant singer-songwriters who play passionately to small crowds in remote places and receive very little recognition. They sing songs about the hard side of life, but still know how to find the good times. 

Redbone is a story about one of these singers. 

Americana music encompasses blues, folk, country, roots and soul music. It is often the voice of the forgotten and the lost. Its roots run deep into rural America. 

Redbone is an opportunity for a current Americana singer-songwriter to score (and star in?) a film where the music is an integral part of the story. 

Redbone is also about revenge and how a woman must deal with killing the man who killed her sister. Americana style music was chosen because the stories told there are deep. dark, filled with passion, and fit the story of Redbone.



Ned Eckhardt © 2017  |  All Rights Reserved

​​NEWS REDBONE- Winner Best Script - 2017 London International Filmmaker Festival


      Feature Film Script

Lost Morning
With the white earth around me
I lost my innocence
Two miles from home
A jump beyond the fence

She was no one that I knew 
Just a kid out on the road
Never saw me coming
Never laughed again, Oh No

Can I take it back child?
Back up those crooked wheels
Start over that lost morning
Can I make another deal

My father sang me crazy
Friends got in the way
I drove the white earth wagon    
And I killed us both that day

Stupid move derailed me
Sent my mind around the bend
Damaged decision
Brought a life to an end

She died that day alone
Outside Duluth
I died along with her 
Lost my battle with the truth

Can I take it back, child?
Back up the crooked wheels
Start over that lost morning
With a song that makes it heal        A song that makes me feel
With a song

She suffered more than I did
But I never knew her pain
She couldn’t slip her memory
It became her jugular vein.

I snipped it with my music
It bled out her damaged heart
She was left with only sadness
No chance for a brave new start

She hid her sadness under
A love for music stories
Captured with a special eye
For untold camera glories

Francine knew pain and anger
From the earliest of days
Her sister reached out always
To set her star ablaze

But the fire of retribution
Aimed at a singer-killer’s heart
Stole the winner from the loser
Before she had the chance to start

Francine missed life’s music
She was fearless, but so lost
She hitched a ride with a Redbone singer
Who never knew the cost

I sing the song of Francine
A lesson for us all
When you see the hurt and sadness
Don’t put up a soulless wall

Remember Francine’s struggle
How she fought through all her pain
Saved the life of her tormentor
And left kindness as her rain

Francine finally found a life
Her place among her friends
One mighty thrust of giving
Gave us beauty without end.

Can’t Fly On One Wing
​You came to me one evening
When the world was dark and grey
A breath of long lost wonder
And I begged for you to stay

Your wonder wrapped around me
Sang a love song in my ear
We shared the shining moments
There was nothing left to fear

Like two excited birds
Whose hearts could only cling
To the fragile dream of love 
But you can’t fly on one wing

We soared together over
All the pain and lost romance
It was our time on the stage
To show the world our merry dance

Our hearts were wrapped around us
Protection from love’s lost sting
We knew the price might be too much
You can’t fly on one wing

One day you were gone
Like a wisp of restless smoke
I searched in every corner
Where we loved to laugh and joke

But my love was gone forever
And the sorrow left a sting
We knew the price might be too much
You can’t fly on one wing

The Dream Sky
At night she comes to me
When the whiskey spins my mind
Down a long, dark hall of memories
She plays with my ties that bind

We were always lost, brave lovers
Passion pushing our lonely lives
Was she ever mine, I wonder,
Did I ever feel more alive?

Take me away to the dream sky
Floating on love's sly song
Dancing with my forever girl
In a world that has no wrong

My glass ripples darkly
Amber bourbon on the rocks 
I feel her breath upon me
Warm lips where love was lost

Take me away to the dream sky
Let me reach my lost reward
Floating softly on music
A life beyond all words

We laughed and cried together
Our fingers touched our dreams
Will we ever forget the wonder
Of riding our own moonbeams 

Take me away to the dream sky​
Long dances with my love
Let me stay there forever
My new life up above